How to choose the right dog supplement

The best muscle-building supplement for all medium-sized dogs

The Original Bully Max Performance Series is the best product for dogs needing to add muscle, weight, and size.

We recommend combining Bully Max Pro Series with Bully Max Performance Series for maximum results. You can view the combo pack here.

Bully Max™ Facts:

  • The #1-Rated, best-selling muscle builder for dogs worldwide
  • Used by over 393,932 dog owners
  • Maintains a solid 4.7 star rating (Based on unbiased public reviews)
  • The only brand that guarantees results or your money back

The best muscle-building supplement for puppies and growing dogs


For puppies we recommend Bully Max Puppy Chews starting at 7 weeks of age.

They’re perfect for growing dogs and will ensure your pup reaches their fullest potential.

What’s in Bully Max Puppy Chews?

One bag contains over 17% of protein for your dog!

Each serving contains a healthy dose of Colostrum, the high-protein component in mother’s milk that helps stimulate the growth of your puppy’s muscles and immune system.

They’re also packed with probiotics for healthy gut. Best of all, they come in a delicious turkey flavor!

The powerful benefits of Bully Max Chews:

  • Builds Muscle
  • Boosts Health
  • Allows your pup to Reach Healthy Growth
  • Provides essential nutrients for growing pups
  • Can be used as training treats

The best muscle building supplements for high energy breeds & hard working dogs


If your dog has a High Energy level and loves to work out, we recommend Bully Max Pro Series.

These products are the most advanced muscle building supplements for dogs on the market.

They contain added protein, EAAs, and BCAAs that allow dogs to recover from workouts faster.

Bully Max Pro VS Bully Max Performance

Bully Max Pro™ is Professional Nutrition for Show and Working Dogs. Bully Max Pro is formulated with ideal calorie density for maximum performance and high-calorie content (600 kcal per cup) ensures physical comfort during exercise. Bully Max Pro also contains the highest level of Omega 6 & of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Bully Max Performance™ is Performance Dog Foods & Functional Nutrients for large and medium-sized dogs. Bully Max Performance Series contains a high-calorie density with proven results in energy levels to achieve peak performance. When you consider the protein-boosting effect of the brewers’ yeast and flaxseed, Performance products contain a significant amount of meat that helps to increase muscle mass very easily.


The best choice for boosting your dog’s health

health powder for dogsBully Max Total Health is the leading supplement to boost your dog’s health and immunity.

This product is designed as a complete health supplement and NOT designed to build muscle.

Here are just a few of the powerful ingredients in Bully Max Total Health:

  1. Vitamin A & E & Omega-3, Omega-6, & Omege-9:  Improves skin & coat health and overall appearance
  2. Chondroitin & Glucosamine: Builds stronger hips & joints
  3. Vitamin A: Supports vision
  4. Vitamin E, Vitamin C & Omega 3: Improves memory and Brain Function
  5. Bacillus coagulans, lipase, & alpha-amylase: Provides digestion support
  6. Vitamin E, C, & B complex: Increases immunity

The best choice for dog owners who want it all

total health supplement packIf you’re interested in covering absolutely EVERY Muscle-Building benefit and EVERY Health benefit, then the Gorilla Max and Bully Max Total Health combo pack is for you.

Here are three recipes that you can use along with the Gorilla Max and Total Health Combo Pack:

  1. Bully Max Total Health Recipe
  2. Gorilla Max Recipe #1
  3. Gorilla Max Recipe #2