Sean Melendez

*All of my dogs are using bully max even my puppies. It works so well and I noticed it made my dogs faster, healthier, & stronger. When I feed them bully max I also noticed their coat and skin are so much better. This truly is a great product and I highly recommend using it.

— Sean Melendez

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Jorge Sanchez Ballistic Bulliez

*Love this product! Great for muscle, health, and giving your dogs a beautiful shiny coat. So if your looking to improve any of the above I strongly recommend Bully Max. My dog love it!

— Jorge Sanchez Ballistic Bulliez

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Qball & Mac

*I’m Qball bass player for the world famous band Sublime. I also am the owner of Mac. Mac is my 116 pound UKC purple ribbon gottiline pit bull who holds the title for the largest head in 11 states and soon the whole country.

I have just started Mac on Bully Max and I can tell you this stuff works big time. Bully Max in just one month has made a my dog Mac explode with muscle. He all ready has the largest head and now were shooting for the largest bulk of muscle and with Bully Max, Mac will get it.

— Qball & Mac

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Officer Joe Mullins Franklin

*When officer Joe Mullins needed a product to keep weight on his police K9 dog “Falco”, Bully Max delivered results. “K9 Falco has gained 10lbs since we started using Bully Max. I have noticed that he is healthier and stronger than he has ever been. This product has delivered some amazing results. I will definitely continue to use this product in the future.”

— Officer Joe Mullins Franklin

*Results may vary

*Results may vary

*We’ve been raising ABKC Champions for years and have tried just about every product out there. Nothing has delivered better results than Bully Max. More muscle, better health. We vouch for this product 100%.

— ABKC Champion Breeders Carolina Bully Farms

*Results may vary

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