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Hulk: The Biggest Pitbull in the World Uses Bully Max

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania—A New Hampshire pit bull, aptly named Hulk, just may be the world’s biggest.

Years ago, American Pit Bull Terriers like Hulk were bred to “bait” large animals like bulls. These dogs are known for their tenacity, courage, and strength—but they’re not always the biggest dogs on the block, weighing in at just 22-78 pounds on average.

Hulk, at just 18 months old, is already a massive 175 pounds and counting.

So what is Hulk’s secret?

Hulk is owned and trained by Dark Dynasty K9s (DDK9), a well-known kennel that trains dogs for everyone from average civilians to celebrities and police & federal officers. One of the “secret tricks” up DDK9’s sleeve is the use of an increasingly popular dog muscle-building supplement for dogs called Bully Max.

Bully Max’s product lineup (which you can see on their website at bullymax.com) includes a wide range of muscle-building supplements for dogs. Products such as “Bully Max” and “Gorilla Max” contain loads of protein and are chock full of muscle-promoting vitamins and minerals to help dogs pack on serious weight and muscle.

Dark Dynasty K9s loves Bully Max because it’s the most effective product on the market, while also being 100% safe—each formula contains only healthy, natural ingredients and was formulated (and is approved) by veterinarians. And safety is important when you’re paid thousands of dollars to train up a dog.

Hulk on BarCroftTV (Featuring Gorilla Max)

(DDK has reportedly turned down offers to buy Hulk for as much as $500,000.00.)

Clearly Hulk is a genetically gifted dog who would probably still be big and strong without taking any extra supplements. But it’s only with the help of his “secret weapon,” Bully Max, that he was able to reach his full potential.

“Not every dog can reach Hulk’s size,” admits Todd Jirecek, Director of Bully Max LLC. “But with these advanced dog muscle building supplements, any dog can put on healthy weight and dramatically increase their size, strength, and energy. They’ll look better, they’ll perform better, and they’ll feel better—which is the most important thing.”

The Hulk Documentary: Behind the scenes at DarkDynastyK9s

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