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Do Weighted Vests for Pitbulls Work for Muscle Growth?

Pitbulls remain great people dogs with loyal and friendly natures. Originally bred as working animals, American pitbull terriers have been brought into the home as family pets and are loved by many pet owners. They also use their great strength and tenacity to engage in the sports of weight pulling, agility, and obedience.

These dogs require a lot of exercise to stay fit, though. Without it, their energy can manifest itself in unwanted jumping up, chewing things they shouldn’t in the house, digging in the yard, and barking.

Tiring your dog out through exercise is one way to curb their energy and keeping them healthy. However, it can be difficult in this busy, modern era to find the time to exercise a pitbull as much as they require. One good solution to this challenge is to fit your dog with a weighted vest to increase how much exercise they get in a given time, adding muscle mass, improving cardiovascular fitness, and quieting rambunctious natures.

So, what are the advantages of weighted vests for pitbulls, and how do you choose the right one for your dog? Bully Max can provide the answers you’re looking for. 

What Is a Weighted Vest for Pitbulls?pitbull dog

As the name suggests, a weighted vest for pitbulls (and other small and large dogs, such as an American bully or a rottweiler) is an adjustable garment that fits on your dog with straps, containing weights that help your dog stay healthy, burn calories, develop stamina, get stronger, and steady them to counteract high spirits or anxiety. 

If you’re looking to add muscle to your pitbull, you can incorporate a weighted vest in a number of different exercises. This may include during sprints and strength training. 

The Benefits of Weighted Vests for Pitbulls

With its resistance training, a weighted vest can help intensify exercise for a pitbull or other dog breeds, serving to build muscle mass, help with weight loss, use up excited energy, and improve overall health. If your dog tends to get distracted and pull in many directions as you walk, a weighted vest can serve the same calming function as weighted blankets for people, so they have a calmer disposition and are less likely to chase after squirrels or birds.

Some of the benefits of weighted vests for pitbulls include:

  • Helps with dog training. Adding a weighted vest to a dog makes them work harder so that they have to concentrate more on the task at hand. They are less likely to fall prey to other distractions, so they are easier to train.
  • Gives them a purpose. Pitbulls were originally bred as working dogs. Even as family pets, they love to have a purpose and stay true to their roots. Carrying a weighted vest is a job they can enjoy.
  • Adds muscle mass safely. If a weighted vest is properly sized and fitted for the dog, using the right amount of weight, it can provide a safe, effective means of intensifying exercise and help overweight dogs become strong and healthy with lean muscle.

What to Look for in a Weight Vest for Pitbulls

When looking to buy a weighted vest, dog owners obviously want one that comfortably fits their pet and won’t chafe their body with vest straps or break easily because it is constructed of flimsy materials.

Other things to look for in a weighted vest for your pitbull or other dog breeds include:

  • Easily adjustable, non-slip straps
  • The capacity to add and remove weight
  • Lightweight but durable material that is breathable and washable
  • Additional resistance attachment
  • Durability
  • Affordable price

When introducing your pitbull to a weighted vest, it’s a good idea to take things slowly. Don’t add a lot of weight at first, especially as they get used to the feeling of wearing the vest. Add extra weight proportionate to their size as they become accustomed to the feeling of the vest and then progress from short walks to longer ones.

Make sure the fitness vest is also properly centered on the dog’s body, and the adjustment of the straps is enough to prevent sliding but not so tight as to be uncomfortable. The vest needs to be balanced, with the same weight on both sides of the dog’s body.

How to Choose a Weight Vest for Dogs

When choosing a weighted vest for your pitbull, you have a wide variety of designs, sizes, styles, materials, and so on to consider. You need to select the right one for the size and shape of your dog. Will a vest weigh down your dog too much and perhaps threaten them with injury, or will it be too light and not give them enough of a workout?

You also have to ask yourself if a weighted vest is the right choice for your dog. If you have a puppy, the vest may put undue pressure on their growing muscles, joints, and bones, especially their spines. On the other hand, a senior dog might have a fragile bone structure, which could be harmed by the weighted vest. If you have any questions at all about the appropriateness of using a weighted vest for your dog’s particular condition, it’s a good idea to speak to a veterinarian first.happy pitbull

Of course, with so many different sizes of weighted vests, fit matters, so you’ll need to measure the dog’s length, girth (specifically the broadest part of your pet’s rib cage), and neck before purchasing. You want to ensure that the vest won’t harm their spinal column or ribs. Depending on your dog’s size, you may need to get a small, medium, large, or extra-large (X-large) vest.

Using adjustable straps, the weighted dog vest should fit well (“like a glove,” some manufacturers claim). Bulky, uncomfortable vests will inhibit your dog’s movement and get in the way of the job they are supposed to do. The vest should evenly distribute the weight over your dog’s body and have padding material that protects them from chafing or injury during exercise. The weighted vest should have sufficient padding across the chest to the dog’s back. The vest should also have pockets that easily enable you to add and remove weight, keeping the vest balanced.

If you like to go for long walks or camping, you can also buy a backpack for your dog, giving them an extra workout when the backpack is loaded and providing you with supplies carried by your pooch. However, be careful how much weight you add so that you don’t injure or overburden your dog. Make sure the load also doesn’t shift to one side during the walk.

Help Your Dog Stay Peak Performance Healthy

A weighted vest can be one good way to keep your dog healthy and active, adding muscle mass, converting obesity to lean, and calming high spirits. You can also turn to Bully Max to support the healthy growth and development of your dog through all stages of their life with our complete line of muscle-building products.

For example, our Gorilla Max Canine Performance Supplement can help build muscle, improve health, and promote growth with 20 grams of the world’s highest-quality protein in every scoop. It also boosts the dog’s strength, endurance, and immunity. It contains 100% natural ingredients, so it won’t affect your dog’s mood or behavior or cause other side effects.

Our Gorilla Max Ultra Performance Dog Food is another good way to add healthy weight to dogs. Its meat-based formula, with an amazing 600 calories per cup of food, is ideal for growing heavy-duty muscle mass. The high-quality dog food provides more calories and less bulk than other kinds, leaving your pet energized and not bloated.

With Bully Max, you can take the weight off your shoulders when it comes to helping your dog look and feel their best.

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