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Health Boosting Raw Dog Food Recipe

The World’s Healthiest Raw Dog Food Recipe


Infographic: The World’s Healthiest Raw Dog Food Recipe


Note: This recipe may be altered and isn’t set in stone. If you don’t cover every single ingredient, there’s no need to worry. As long as you include the Bully Max Total Health, The Main Protein Source (Ground turkey or ground meat), Eggs, White Rice, and a minimum of 3 vegetables, the recipe will still be considered a completed and well balanced meal by adding this dog supplement.

Ingredient List

  1. Bully Max Total Health: Bully Max total health provides the following benefits: Boosts health & immunity, Maintains hip & joint health, Increases digestive health, Maintains cardiovascular health and function, Boosts skin & coat health.
  2. Ground turkey: 10 lbs. of raw ground turkey. 85% Lean Ground Turkey (15% Fat)
  3. Eggs: 18 hardboiled eggs including the shells-cooled Studies have proved that the calcium in egg shell is highly absorbable. Eggs are easy to digest and the protein in eggs has the highest biological value of any food – Even higher than beef.
  4. White rice: 15 cups of cooked white rice-cooled (This is made from 5 cups of uncooked rice. Use white rice, not brown. White Rice is more easily digested by your dog.)
  5. Broccoli: 1 cup of RAW CHOPPED BROCCOLI Broccoli is a healthy green vegetable and a member of the kale family. It’s notably rich in vitamin C and fiber and numerous other nutrients. Like other cruciferous vegetables, broccoli is believed to provide anti-cancer benefits.
  6. Celery: 1 cup of RAW CHOPPED CELERY Although raw celery can be very high in water, it can still contribute a notable amount of dietary fiber as well as other healthy nutrients.
  7. Spinach: 3 cups of RAW CHOPPED SPINACH Due to its exceptional vitamin and mineral content, spinach exhibits a remarkably high nutrient Completeness Score of 91.
  8. Carrots: 1 cup of RAW CHOPPED CARROTS Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, minerals and dietary fiber.
  9. Apples: 4 APPLES. CHOPPED WITH THE CORES REMOVED. a nutrient-rich fruit that’s also high in fiber. In case you don’t have apples at home, see the checklist what fruits and vegetables dogs can eat.
  10. Romaine: lettuce 1 Head of Romaine Lettuce. CHOPPED. This green leafy vegetable is naturally rich in vitamins and minerals. In fact, lettuce boasts an exceptionally high nutrient Completeness Score of 88
  11. Coconut: 1/2 cup of of COCONUT – SHAVED Coconut is rich in medium chain fatty acids. Coconut has been reported to have a beneficial effect on a dog’s skin and coat, improve digestion, and reduce allergic reactions.

Serving Sizes

  • 10 lb. dog – 1/2 cup daily
  • 20 lb. dog – 1 cup daily
  • 40 lb. dog – 2 cups daily
  • 60 lb. dog – 3 cups daily
  • 80 lb. dog – 3 1/2 – 4 cups daily
  • 100 lb. dog – 4-6 cups daily

Getting Started on Raw

  • Day 1: Only give your dog water for the first 24 hours. No food. Mixing commercial dog food with the new diet may cause digestive issues.
  • Day 2: Feed your dog about 1/4 the amount they would normally eat.
  • Day 3: Feed your dog about 1/2 the amount they would normally eat.
  • Day 4: Feed your dog about 3/4 the amount they would normally eat.
  • Day 5: Feed your dog their full amount of food.


New to the raw diet? Check out the beginners guide to feeding raw.

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