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Guide to Raw Dog Food for Beginners

About Raw Diets

Raw diets, (also known as the BARF diet, an acronym that stands for Bones And Raw Food) are an alternative to dry dog food. They consist of various raw meats, bones, vegetables, and supplements.

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Benefits of feed raw:

  • Better skin & coat
  • Better digestion
  • Stronger immune system
  • Better health
  • More energy
  • More muscle mass

Suggested serving size for puppies and adults

You can calculate the recommended serving size for your dog here: http://www.raw4dogs.com/calculate.htm

You can break the suggested daily serving size into two meals per day. One meal in the morning and one meal at dinner time.

The suggested serving size can be adjusted based on your dog’s individual needs. Skinny dogs may require more food in order to gain weight.

Raw diets are safe for dogs ages 12 weeks and older

Transitioning from dry dog food to raw

Day 1: No food, Only water.

Day 2: 1/4 of the suggested serving size

Day 3: 1/2 of the suggested serving size

Day 4: 3/4 of the suggested serving size

Day 5: Feed your dog the full suggested serving size

Supplements that you can use with raw diets

All Bully Max supplements are compatible with raw and kibble dog foods. You can mix them directly into a large batch, or add them to an individual raw meal.

For underweight, skinny, and growing dogs: Add 1 serving of Gorilla Max or Bully Max to their first meal of the day (Once per day)

For dogs having trouble with digestion, poor skin, poor coats, or weak immune systems: Add 1 serving of Bully Max Total Health Powder to their first meal of the day (Once per day)

For high energy breeds and working dogs: Give 1 serving of Bully Max Pro Series Chews, or 1 serving of Bully Max Training Chews after 30 minutes after a workout.

Cost of Feeding Raw VS Kibble

The cost for premium kibble: $2.19 (Bully Max High Protein Dog Food)

The cost for raw: $2.30 $2.80 per pound

The RMBs (Raw meaty bones) make up for 60% of the raw diet. The RMBs are the most expensive part of the diet.

Here are some prices you should expect to pay for various RMBs:

Lamb neck: $0.90 per pound
Lamb flap (lower rib cage): $1.10 per pound
Meaty chicken frames: $0.70 per pound
Chicken wings: $0.90 per pound
Chicken necks: $0.60 per pound
Whole chicken backs: $0.65 per pound

You can usually bring the cost of the RMBs down by purchasing in bulk from a local butcher.

Best Practices

When feeding raw, we recommend that this is the only source of dog food. It’s not recommended that you mix the raw diet with dry dog food. Along with Bully Max Muscle Builder, the raw diet contains EVERYTHING your dog needs to reach their full potential.

Freezing and storing raw meals

You store your raw dog food the same way you store your own raw food such as hamburger patties and chicken — Place the meals in individual freezer bag or plastic container, then store them in the freezer. Keeping the meals frozen at consistent temperature of 0 °F will prevent bacterial growth.

Thawing your raw meals: DO NOT use a microwave to thaw pre-made raw meals. Microwaving meals can cause the bones to cook. NEVER feed your dog cooked bones. If bones are cooked they can become brittle, splinter, and cause internal injury.

According to the USDA’s Food Safety Fact Sheet, you can speed up the thawing process by soaking frozen meals in cold water. For faster thawing, place foods in a leak proof plastic bag and immerse it in cold water.

WARNING: If the bag leaks, bacteria from the air or surrounding environment could be introduced into the food. Be sure to keep the seal in tact.

Preventing an upset stomach

For the first couple of weeks you dog’s stomach will need to adjust to the new diet. If you dog becomes sick, it may be a sign that your dog’s body is detoxing from their previous diet. The detox process usually ends within a week or two.

Signs that your dog is detoxing:

  • diarrhea
  • bad breath
  • itchy skin

During this time, you can add digestive enzymes (Found in Bully Max Total Health), and (or), Pure pumpkin in the can (not pumpkin pie filling) to their diet. Both work magic in firming stools quickly and aiding in digestion.

What to do if your dog is vomiting

Some of the most common reasons your dog is vomiting:

Empty stomach: If your dog is vomiting on an empty stomach you will usually see yellow bile. This is a sign that they need fed.

Drinking too much water on an empty stomach: If your dog’s vomit is clear with white foam or globs of mucus, it’s a sign that they drank too much water on an empty stomach. They will need fed.

Detoxing: Vomiting may also be a part of the normal detox process that dogs go through when transitioning to the raw diet. You can add honey or apple sauce to their meals to settle their stomach during this process.

Ingested a foreign object: If you suspect your dog swallowed some type of foreign object (Sock, shoe lace, toy, etc.), you will need to monitor them closely. If the object doesn’t pass within 24 hours you will need to contact your veterinarian.

Safety concerns

When raw meals are prepared correctly, your dog is at a very low risk for contracting a food-borne illness.

Humans are at a greater risk of contracting a food-borne illness while handling and preparing raw meals.

However, This risk can be greatly reduced with good sanitation practices.

When preparing and serving raw food, clean and disinfect anything that the raw food touches. This includes kitchen counters, knives, cutting boards, food bowls, and your hands.

Homemade disinfectant formula: Fill a spray bottle with water & vinegar (50/50 ratio) and a few drops of dish soap.

This formula can be used to disinfect anything that the food touches.

Recommended Recipes:

Here are a couple of raw dog food recipes to get started:

Get more info on this diet here: Raw dog food recipe for building Muscle Mass

Recommended product for this diet: Bully Max Weight Gainer

Get more information on this diet here: Raw dog food recipe for Boosting Your Dog’s Health

For more info see this guide here. https://pets.webmd.com/dogs/guide/raw-dog-food-dietary-concerns-benefits-and-risks

Check out our Bully Max High Performance High Calorie Dog Food for your recipe. If you’re looking for food for your pitbull, check out our guide on the Best Dog Food for Pitbulls.

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