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How to Count Calories for Your Dog

If you’ve ever been on a diet (and who hasn’t?), then you’ve experienced the joy that is calorie counting. But what you may not have done is counted calories for your dog. Believe it or not, though, counting calories for your dog is critical! According to a 2017 survey conducted by the Association for Pet […]

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Is Food Coloring Safe for Dogs?

If you’ve ever opened a bag of dog food to reveal colored bits of kibble, it may have made you wonder if artificial food coloring is safe for dogs. Is it harmless, or something you ought to avoid? Here’s our two cents on the matter. We’ll start by sharing two relevant facts that you probably […]

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How to Put Muscle on Your Dog

If you want to learn how to put some serious muscle on your dog, you’ve come to the right place. Just like people, dogs can bulk up with increased muscle mass and strength.  Want to help your dog bulk up? Here at Bully Max, we produce some of the most effective and highly regarded dog […]

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How to Train Your Dog to Herd Chickens

Want to learn how to train your dog to herd backyard chickens? Then read on! If you own a chicken coop, training your dog to herd your chickens is a win-win scenario. First, it allows your chickens to range safely in the backyard. And second, it gives your dog much-needed exercise and stimulation. (Related: how […]

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Average Pitbull Weight, Height and Size

Wondering if your Pitbull is at a healthy size? Understanding the healthy pitbull weight is important because knowing how to monitor and adjust your pitbull’s size appropriately could be vital to their longevity and well-being. Pitbulls are genetically built for muscularity and size. Because pit bulls have a unique body type, you can’t necessarily judge […]

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How to Treat Food Guarding in Dogs

Does your dog become overly protective or aggressive at the food bowl? Do they growl, lunge, or even bite at anyone—human or animal—who gets too close to their kibble? It doesn’t have to be just food, either. Dogs can exhibit resource guarding—also called “possessive aggression”—over anything: a treat, a toy, or even a human. Some […]

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Guide to Raw Dog Food for Beginners

About Raw Diets Raw diets, (also known as the BARF diet, an acronym that stands for Bones And Raw Food) are an alternative to dry dog food. They consist of various raw meats, bones, vegetables, and supplements. Try the ALL-NEW Bully Max instant fresh food — makes instant raw dog food in seconds. No prep work, […]

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Top 4 Best Dog Food for Pitbulls (2022 Guide)

The dog food you feed your pitbull matters. It can mean the difference between a happy, healthy dog that’s full of energy and vitality…and a skinny, lethargic dog that secretly wonders why his food tastes like cardboard. But with all the different brands and marketing out there, how are you supposed to know what’s the […]

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Hypoallergenic Dog Food Recipe

Food allergies can express themselves through a lot of different annoying (or worse) symptoms, like itchy skin, rashes, hives, and even ear infections. It can be concerning and frustrating when your pup is having a reaction and you just don’t know what’s causing it. Discovering and understanding your dog’s sensitivity to certain foods can go […]

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Dog Training: 2022 Costs Analyzed

Are you wondering whether dog training might be a good investment for your pet? Obedience training can prove beneficial for most dogs and for various reasons. Dog owners may choose to engage in private training or in group training depending on their goals.  Some pet owners just want the socialization aspect of having their dogs […]

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