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Satin Balls: The Ultimate Meal for Bulking up Dogs

Does your pit bull need to pack on some weight? If your dog is sick, malnourished, or has no appetite, it can be frustrating getting trying to get them to eat. Enter: satin balls. Satin Balls is a canine recipe with raw meat meant to help dogs gain weight. They’re delicious little balls of meat and […]

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How to Give Your Puppy Shots at Home

Giving your dog their vaccinations at home is easy, convenient, affordable, and safe (When the proper steps are taken). In this article, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about vaccinating your dog. Vets charge on average $50.00 per office visit and an additional $20.00 per vaccine. By giving your dog their shots at home, […]

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Can You Take Your Pit Bull to a Dog Park?

You’re a responsible pit bull owner. You take great care of your pit bull. Your dog is happy, healthy, and sweet as apple pie to everyone in your family. But does that mean it’s safe—or a good idea—to let your dog off its leash in a dog park? Pit Bulls Get A Bad Rap You’re […]

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Pitbull Puppy: 27 Things to Know About Owning a Pitbull

If you’re at the very beginning of starting your search to adopt your very own pitbull puppy, then we welcome you to the family! Pitbulls are some of the most exuberant and wonderful dogs around, with big smiles and the protective nature of the people they love. While pit bulls can sometimes get a bad […]

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How to rate your dog food

In this article we’re going to teach you a simple yet effective method for how to rate the quality of your dog’s food on a scale from 0 to 100. Food such as Bullymax’s high-quality dog food is made from 100% all natural ingredients. All foods start out with a grade of 100. 1.) Subtract 10 points: for […]

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VIDEO: Muscled up Pit Bull “ACE” from DarkDynastyK9s

Ace is a pit bull that resides in New Hampshire at DarkDynastyK9s — an organization that specializes in breeding and training some of the world’s most elite protection dogs. Ace is one of the favorites at DarkDynastyK9s. He’s an absolute powerhouse of a pit bull and arguably the most muscled up dog on the planet. “Compared to […]

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How to Break Up a Dog Fight and How to Prevent Them

Pit bulls are a loyal and loving breed of dog with countless good qualities. And as a proud owner of this wonderful breed, it’s your responsibility to keep your dog—and other dogs in the area—safe and happy. In order to do that, it’s important to take the proper steps to prevent dog fights. In the […]

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K9 Show Stopper VS Bully Max products

Comparison Chart: Product benefits: Veterinarian Formulated check cross cross 100% Money Back Guarantee check cross cross Number of B Vitamins 4 1 1 Number of Nutrients 32 ONLY 17 ONLY 17 Main Protein Source Whey Protein Isolate Cooked Chicken Cooked Chicken Protein Rating 159 79 79 Contains Digestive Enzymes check cross cross Contains BCAAs check […]

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Rescue Dog: Skinny Pitbull Becomes Ripped Pitbull Thanks to Bully Max

This is Giant, he’s a 3 year old American pit bull. Giant was a dog that was abandoned at “Pit Bull Zone”, a training center located in Bangkok Thailand. When Giant first arrived at the training center, he was scrawny, had a poor coat, and wasn’t in the best health. Mark Supatana, owner of pit […]

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Ivermectin for Dogs

If you’re currently using Heartgard as a heartworm preventative, there is a much cheaper alternative that contains the same ingredient (Ivermectin). The cheaper alternative is a product called IVOMEC. On average, pit bull owners save $99.81 annually by using IVOMEC as an alternative to Heartgard. That’s a savings of $1597.06 over your dog’s lifetime! Cost of IVOMEC VS […]

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