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How to Put Weight on a Dog Safely

dog weight gainerWhat is Miracle Vet?

Miracle Vet™ is an all-natural and healthy solution for adding weight to a dog that is underweight, malnourished, or recovering from illness.

It’s also an excellent way to keep weight on pregnant and nursing females, and working dogs.

How do you use Miracle Vet?

This high-calorie liquid can be added to any dog food (wet, dry, or raw). It can also be added to your dog’s water, or administered using a syringe (for dogs that are unwilling or unable to eat solid foods).

What kind of dogs can use Miracle Vet?

Any breed of dog can use Miracle Vet. It’s suitable for dogs ages 4 weeks and older.

Are there any side-effects?

There are no side-effects. It’s safe to use year round. Miracle Vet is all-natural. NO trans fats, NO artificial colors, NO artificial flavors, and NO artificial ingredients. Get the complete list of ingredients here.

Miracle Vet VS Dyne

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6 Reasons why Miracle Vet is the best choice

  1. Miracle Vet™ is the ONLY weight gainer on the market that doesn’t contain trans fats: The #1 ingredient in Miracle Vet is fish oil, which is healthy and nutritious. Other brands use inexpensive and unhealthy ingredients such as vegetable oil or soybean oil (trans fats).
  2. Contains the most calories from fat: Each 16 oz. bottle of Miracle Vet™ contains 2,400 calories. 2,080 of these calories are from fat (More than any other product).
  3. Safer: All-natural ingredients and 100% Safe. No artificial flavors, colors, or preservative. NO propylene glycol. NO glycerin.
  4. Better ingredients: Miracle Vet uses whey protein isolate as the source of protein. It has the highest biological value rating in the world. It also contains 34 additional key ingredients that promote better health.
  5. Easier to use: Miracle Vet doesn’t need shaken, mixed, or stirred. You can pour it directly onto your dog’s food or water. They love the taste.
  6. Doctor formulated: Miracle Vet was designed by a doctor with 30 years of experience in the industry, plus Ph.Ds in Food Science and Biochemistry.

The fastest and healthiest way to add weight to your dog:

Where can you get Miracle Vet?

You can purchase Miracle Vet directly from Bullymax.com at: https://bullymax.com/product/dog-weight-gainer/

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