VIDEO: Muscled up Pit Bull “ACE” from DarkDynastyK9s

Ace is a pit bull that resides in New Hampshire at DarkDynastyK9s — an organization that specializes in breeding and training some of the world’s most elite protection dogs. Ace is one of the favorites at DarkDynastyK9s. He’s an absolute powerhouse of a pit bull and arguably the most muscled up dog on the planet. “Compared to […]

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How to Break Up a Dog Fight and How to Prevent Them

Pit bulls are a loyal and loving breed of dog with countless good qualities. And as a proud owner of this wonderful breed, it’s your responsibility to keep your dog—and other dogs in the area—safe and happy. In order to do that, it’s important to take the proper steps to prevent dog fights. In the […]

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Rescue Dog: Skinny Pitbull Becomes Ripped Pitbull Thanks to Bully Max

This is Giant, he’s a 3 year old American pit bull. Giant was a dog that was abandoned at “Pit Bull Zone”, a training center located in Bangkok Thailand. When Giant first arrived at the training center, he was scrawny, had a poor coat, and wasn’t in the best health. Mark Supatana, owner of pit […]

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Michael Vick 8 Years Later

It was April of 2007, Mike Vick was perhaps the most polarizing athlete in the nation. The high profile, highest paid Quarterback in the NFL. He had endorsement deals, sponsorships, mansions, cars, and millions upon millions of dollars. The story is now almost a part of American History. The details that came out about his […]

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