Dog Food Recipes

Chicken Recipe for Dog Food

There’s a reason why chicken is the most popular protein for most dogs: it’s a healthy source of protein that’s easy to cook and tastes delicious. It’s also a versatile protein that can be served in a huge variety of ways. This simple chicken recipe for dog food combines protein-packed chicken with brown rice and […]

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Vegan Dog Food Recipe: Peanut Butter & Sweet Potato Surprise

Vegan diets are becoming more and more popular these days, leaving more dog owners looking for healthy and delicious vegan dog food recipes. So here’s our take on vegan dog food to try out at home! Contrary to what some people believe, dogs are omnivores—and that means they can eat both meat and vegetarian meals. […]

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Our Favorite Raw Dog Food Recipe for Dogs

These days, raw dog food recipes have become a popular way for owners to help improve their dog’s diet, health, and energy levels. Many owners report that after feeding raw food to their dog, their dog’s health seemed to transform overnight: They had more energy and vitality Their coat become shinier Their teeth and gums […]

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Try This Mouth-Watering Chicken Dog Food Recipe

Without a doubt, chicken is one of the healthiest high-protein foods you can give your dog. It’s low-fat, packed with healthy amino acids, a good source of nutrients like selenium and B vitamins, and perhaps best of all—dogs love the delicious meaty flavor! Of course, your dog needs more than just meat. They also need […]

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