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Bully Max VS. Blue Buffalo Dog Food

blue buffalo vs bully max

Blue Buffalo VS. Bully Max SUMMARY: For less than the cost of Blue Buffalo, you can switch to a higher quality food that has never been recalled. Bully Max Dog Food also contains more calories, and more servings in each bag.

daily feeding amount blue buffalo

Summary: Bully Max is more nutrient dense than Blue Buffalo. By switching to Bully Max, your dog will eat nearly 65% less food. 

When feeding Blue Buffalo, you’ll have to purchase & feed nearly three times as much food in order to meet your dog’s daily requirements.

This not only increases your cost, it also puts a greater strain on your dog’s digestive organs and causes them to have more frequent bowl movements.

kibble size of dog food

Summary: According to AFP international, the size of Bully Max kibble is equally preferred by all breed sizes & ages.

Bully Max High Performance Kibble Size

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dog food advisor

The 5/5 star rating Bully Max High Performance received from Dogfoodadvisor.com was the result of using the highest quality ingredients on the market.

FAQs (Bully Max Dog Food VS Blue Buffalo Dog Food)

Q: Is Bully Max Dog Food for all breeds of dogs?
A: Yes, Bully Max is also an all life stages formula. You can feed it to puppies (4 weeks and older), growing dogs, adult dogs, and adults.

Q: Is Bully Max High Performance dog food for all breeds?
A: Yes. While Bully Max dog food was designed with working breeds in mind (such as the American Pit Bull Terrier, Bulldogs, Rottweiler, Doberman, German Shepherd, ext), it’s suitable for all breeds. Smaller breeds won’t become fat by eating high calorie dog foods. You simply feed them less food. For the exact recommended feeding amount, we recommend using this dog food calculator: https://vitaminsforpitbulls.com/dog-food-calculator/

Q: Was Bully Max dog food ever recalled?
A: NO. Unlike Blue Buffalo, Bully Max High Performance dog food was NEVER recalled.

Q: Where is Bully Max dog food made?
A: In the USA using ingredients sourced in the USA.

Q: Where can I buy Bully Max dog food?
A: For the guaranteed lowest price, you can order it directly from the source: https://shop.bullymax.com/products/dog-food/ — when purchased from third party retailers (such as Amazon or Walmart), we cannot guarantee the lowest price.

Q: My dog is currently eating a food other than Blue Buffalo. How can I see how it compares to Bully Max dog food?
You can compare other dog foods to Bully Max here: https://bullymax.com/challenge

Still have questions? Simply leave a reply below or contact our support team (https://bullymax.com/contact/).

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