Incredible Transformation: Rescue Pit Bull Takes Bully Max

This is Giant, he’s a 3 year old American pit bull.

pitbull looks skinny - before photo

Giant was a dog that was abandoned at “Pit Bull Zone”, a training center located in Bangkok Thailand.

When Giant first arrived at the training center, he was scrawny, had a poor coat, and wasn’t in the best health.

Mark Supatana, owner of pit bull zone, immediately began giving Giant Bully Max Supplements and started exercising him.

The progress he made over the next two months was incredible.

He packed on 8 lbs. of muscle mass, his coat looks phenomenal, and he’s now in perfect health.

Check him out!

before and after bully maxDAY 1 (BEFORE using Bully Max®)    VS     DAY 57 (AFTER using Bully Max®)   

Here are a few more photos of Giant on day 57:

after using bully max



The crazy part about this was Mark had Giant on Bully Max for less than 60 days to achieve this look.

Giant even managed to make it into the Bangkok post. You can see the article featuring Giant here.

The supplements Giant was given for these 60 days was:

— Bully Max® — Now in an all new soft chew form.

You give them as a treat (they love them). They look like regular dog treats. 

The difference is each bags contains 150 grams of protein, along with 40 key ingredients proven to build muscle.

The exercises Giant was doing were:

This is actually pretty amazing to most people that this was Giant’s ENTIRE routine.

The combination of those three exercises along with a high protein intake from Bully Max supplements can transform a dog pretty quickly.

  • Amel Bodhi

    you ain’t kidding

  • Head Head

    I don’t see no skinny dog there

  • Mark R

    Wow, those are some muscles! Does the supplement include fats too? or you have to include them in the diet?

  • Grace J.

    Wow what a beautiful dog!! Gorgeous coat and so muscular. It’s an amazing transformation! I’m going to try these chews and the exercises as well. Great post!! :)

  • George Peterson

    I started using bullymax after it was recommend by vet (I brought in a rescue dog for a checkup and he was really underweight). After about 10 days his energy level & spirit really picked up. He was becoming more playful, and adding obvious weight. after 65 days, we took him back into the vet and he was shocked that it was even the same dog. His weight at the first visit was 46 lbs. His weight at the second visit was 61.5 lbs. I use this product year round and would recommend it to every dog owner, not for just dogs that sick or underweight.

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