Ear Cropping: Essential tips for puppy owners

puppy ears croppedCropped ears on your dog can look great. But you want to make sure the procedure is done properly and safely, to ensure you get the results you want—while keeping your dog as safe and comfortable as possible.

The first question you have to ask yourself when considering this procedure is, when should you have it done?

The Best Age for Ear Cropping

Many people believe that your dog’s ears will only stand up if they’re cropped as a puppy. This is actually a myth—your dog’s ears will stand up regardless of when they’re cropped. In fact, you can actually get your dog’s ears cropped at any age if you really want to. Just keep in mind it’s a more traumatic and painful surgery for older dogs

That said, it’s best to get the procedure done before 12 weeks of age. (Most vets recommend having it done between 7 and 12 weeks of age.)

Is there an age limit for cropping your dogs ears?

Most vets will actually refuse to crop a dog’s ears after a certain age…although if you look around, you can probably find a vet who is willing to crop a full-grown dog’s ears.

The typical cut off date ranges from 12 – 16 weeks. Some veterinarians may also refuse to crop a dog’s ears at a certain weight. The typical cut off weight ranges from 15 – 20 pounds.

Other veterinarians have no cut off date and will perform the ear cropping procedure at any age, or weight.

Choosing an Ear Crop Style

The next thing you need to do is choose an ear crop style.

It’s important to choose an ear crop style before you go looking for a vet, because some vets will only perform one style of crop.

There are four main crop styles for American Pit Bull Terriers & American Bullies:

show crop, bottle crop, long crop, short crop

Short crops and show crops have the greatest chance of standing erect. Ears that are cropped too long, or too short, are less likely to stand erect.

When a dog’s ears are cropped too short, they are more likely to lay flat on the dog’s head.

When a dog’s ears are cropped too long, the cartilage within pinna may be too thin to support the weight of the ear.

Choosing a Vet

This procedure is going to determine how your dog looks for the rest of their life, so make sure to do your homework and find a good vet.

It’s a good idea to ask your breeder (or other local breeders) where they get their dog’s ears done, because they probably know who’s best at this type of procedure.

You can also find local vet that performs ear cropping surgeries here: Vets That Crop Ears in the United States.

When you talk to the vet, you’ll want to ask them two things:

1) The Price

On average, you can expect to pay anything from $150 to over $600. Keep in mind, a more expensive vet does not necessarily mean you’ll get a better crop. A fair price that you should expect to pay for a good crop is probably about $250.

This price should include everything, including the procedure itself, the follow-up visit, and any medications (pain medicine and potentially antibiotics).

2) Picture of Prior Crops

In addition, it’s a good idea to bring in a few pictures of ear crops that you like. Show them to the vet and ask if they are willing and able to crop ears in that style.

(Some vets will only crop ears one way, so make sure they can provide what you want.)

Initial Visit

So you’ve decided on a vet. The next step is to take your dog in for a visit so the vet can make sure that your puppy is able to handle the anesthesia. Some vets will do a blood test at this point.

The vet will also give you any instructions on what to do the night before the surgery. You’ll probably restrict food the night before the procedure, and restrict water the morning of. But make sure to pay attention and follow your vet’s recommendations.

After the Procedure

Your vet may keep your dog overnight, or you might be able to take them home the same day. They should also provide you with pain medication, so make sure to ask for some if they forget. The vet will also attach some kind of foam support or plastic rack to your dog’s ears before sending them home.

Your dog will definitely be out-of-sorts for a night or two. The anesthetic will make them drowsy, and their ears may be sore. If it looks like your pup is in pain, give them some pain medication—after all, that’s what it’s for.

pit bull puppy with cropped ears CBFs

Aftercare Tips

1) Follow the Vet’s Instructions.

This should go without saying, but make sure to follow all your vet’s instructions! Your dog has just had surgery, and it’s important to do everything you can to help them heal properly.

2) Use the Cone.

You can remove the cone from your dog as long as you are supervising them, but put the cone back on whenever you’re not watching. The cone is there to prevent your pup from ripping their stitches, which is very important to the proper healing process.

3) Keep the Ears Clean.

You need to keep the skin clean until it’s had a chance to heal. This is important in preventing infections that could require an emergency trip to the vet. Use peroxide and Neosporin at least 2 or 3 times a day.

4) Remove scabs.

When you were a kid, your mother may have told you not to pick at scabs. Well that might be good advice for yourself, but when it comes to cropping ears, you want to remove any scabs on your dog’s ears immediately.

This is important because the scabs could interfere with the ears properly standing up.

The best way to remove these scabs is to soak them in water for 5 minutes first, to soften them up and make them easier/less painful to pick off.

5) Watch for Infections.

Whenever you wash your dog’s ears (you are cleaning them 2-3 times a day, right?), be on the lookout for signs of infection. This could come in the form of redness, swelling, pain, or red streaks extending away from the affected area. If you see any signs of infection, take your dog back to the vet right away for treatment.

6) Nourish Your Dog Through a Healthy Diet.

Finally, make sure your dog is eating well and getting all the essential nutrients they need to recover properly. We recommend giving your pup dog a full serving of Bully Max twice a day during this post-op recovery period.

  • Rebecca

    You should not own a dog if you are willing to put them through unnecessary surgery. Put yourself in the place of your dog. You are putting your dog through unnecessary surgery (and all the risks and pain that come with it) for your own satisfaction. THINK

    • Rob

      If that were the case then no more neutered dogs either, and for the record many breeds used for hunting benefit from cropped ears by improving their hearing and minimizing the risk to their ears. My dog isn’t some fluffy stuffed animal lap dog, he is a working dog and loves it and I love him….so think about that….before you post after taking a deep swallow of the liberal cool aid

      • Diana Diep

        No, neutering cannot be compared to ear cropping, because it actually serves a purpose – to keep the rate of unwanted litters down. Fixing your dog also helps with potentially related behavioral issues, whereas cropping your dog’s ears is a cosmetic surgery. It doesn’t benefit them in anyway except for making them fit their breed standard. Just saying.

        • Jeff Arnett

          Have you ever owned a dog that suffered, from numerous ear infections because their ears were never cropped?

          I did and slowly watched my sharpie become deaf because of it.
          There was nothing I could do to prevent it either. Except the cleaning I did routinely.
          So, what I did was cruel to not crop his ears in fear of others criticizing me.
          I let my poor dog suffer 14 long years with ear aches and infections until he was deaf.
          When all I needed to do, was put him through a little pain for a few days instead.

          It is not natural for an animal like a dog, to have floppy ears covering their ear canals.

          • Rhiannon Black

            Exactly why I cropped my Dobermans ears. It was recommended by the vet. After the crop, no more ear infections.

        • Tracy

          No it does benifit the dog. How about you do your homework before you give your “opinion”. Unless you are a professional in this area of expertise don’t speak.

          • Nisha Peters-Wigfall

            I don’t think they were giving opinions. I believe they were giving facts from PERSONAL EXPERIENCES. Especially the woman saying that her vet said it would be a good idea.

          • Hugo Olmedo

            Domestic Dogs are created by man. Floppy ears do not exist in the wild Canine world. When was the last time you saw a wild wolf, fox, coyote etc. with floppy ears ? These domestic dogs were created by man not natural evolution. Second dont humanize dogs. they are not people. I know of people the were against cropping their dogs ears , because they thought it was cruel and wanted to keep the cute floppy ears. Many office visits later with surgery and lots of $$$$$ spent to fix ear Hematoma and infections. Guess what they Vet said. ??? You will need to crop the dogs ears if you want to keep this from happening again. Does it happen with all dogs ? No. But please don’t forget what natural evaluation has created in the wild.

    • C

      What about circumcision then?

      • JKosh

        I said this in a facebook argument lol. Spot on, the ladies love my circumcision lmfao

    • Cracka killa

      Shutup woosie.

      • trevcars

        Let me cut off parts of your ears, bud. It’ll only hurt a bit, but man oh man it’ll look so cool!!

    • Alex

      You sound ridiculous. Having a dogs ear cropped lowers the risk of your dog having ear infections or hematomas. Do your research.

    • Koda

      Ear cropping is essential when dealing with certain breeds. I have a Dogo Argentine they need the ears crop for war in the field with hogs for better hearing and to prevent biting when engaged.

    • shaun buckley

      you clearly have no idea what you are talking about…. cropped ears are HEALTHIER for a long eared dog, they prevent many types of ear related ailments including infection… furthermore, it improves the dogs hearing. I didnt agree to circumcision when i was a baby, but it was the healthy choice… that being said, should we not spay or neuter dogs either??? read up on the subject before you post something you clearly know nothing about

      • George Peterson

        I completely agree. Cropping absolutely lowers the risk for ear infections.

        • Karen D. Pauly-Gugliuzza

          it does not, it causes ear infections you ignorant fool!

          • Patrick Hess

            No it doesn’t…. Jesus read something instead of just spouting off at the mouth lady.

    • Pit love

      So should I have not gotten my son circumcised either?
      There is really no reason for this nowadays right!

    • Twon Juan

      ppl get there ear’s pierced, hollowed and perform all type of cosmetic things …

    • Jason

      You are welcome to your opinion

    • Karen D. Pauly-Gugliuzza

      thank you!!!!

    • santo bueno

      Whatever MS. Rebecca you are probably the very 1st to circumsize your offspring.

    • Rhiannon Black

      If this is such a bad and unnecessary surgery, then why is it acceptable in dog competitions? And why would a vet recommend I crop my dogs ears due to the fact he kept getting ear infections? And no, he didn’t want my money. He recommended a vet who was great at ear crops. After the surgery, no more ear infections.

      • Tiffeny

        I agree, as I know many people who’s dogs had ears cropped due to reoccurring ear infections. I myself show dogs, it’s very rare to see one dog with ears ever get anywhere in the confirmation ring, if it’s a breed who’s standard calls for cropped ears. So what your saying is some of the top, most knowledgeable breeders in the country don’t deserve to have a dog. Do you relize what would happen to the quality and overall health, or what good is left of it anyways, without some of thoes people. You would think by now people would be smart enough to educate themselves on things before you go throwing you opinion out there!! Trust me, many of us who have gotten our dogs ears cropped love them mire then you could ever know!

    • Mark

      I have owned two Doberman Pinchers, I had both their ears cropped. And guess what they was and are the best dogs ever. Guess what else I bought and paid for them and they are my dogs, so how about you do what ever your little heart desires with your dog and shut your pie hole with what me or anybody else does with theirs!

    • Lester Williams

      Womaen shouldn’t be human if they put themselves through breast implants, butt shots, fat transfer, etc. Its personal preference. Shut up woman

  • Amara

    Hi, okay listen, I come from a long line of dig trainers/breeders for cane corsos, pit bulls, and mini bullies and I know for a FACT that cropping is the best desision. Cropping is what looks best for that breed and the surgery is very simple I have observed or before and it makes your dog have less of a chance of getting infections and bacteria and helps them live a longer healthier life. THIS PROCESS IS NOT WRONG NOR BARBARIC!!! SO I WOULD MAKE THE RIGHT DESISON UNLESS YOU WANT YOUR DOG TO SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES!!!

    • Natalia

      Agreed. I just got my pups ears done this week and it looks way better than before. my older bully pup was too old to get his cropped so he got lucky. Especially if you’re going to have the pup trained for the show.

    • trevcars

      What is the health benefit? Does this somehow control the population? If the only benefit is cosemetic, but it causes even an ounce of pain, how can you say it’s ‘what’s best’? That completely boggles my mind and I am very surprised it is legal to cut off an animals flesh or body purely for looks. Wow.

      • Brandy

        Do you have your ears pierced? Do you have tattoos?
        If so then you are a hypocrite. Even if you have friends that have ear piercing and you say nothing to them then you are the pot calling the kettle black.

        • Kirsten

          Wow. If you have your ears pierced, that was YOUR decision. No one dragged you to have half of your ears chopped off for no reason. I’m sorry, there is a huge difference between a hole in your ear and literally just slicing half of it off. Please stop with the supposed health benefits. It’s a bunch of crap that has been disproven many times over. Just do a little research. It’s actually not beneficial in any way whatsoever for your dog. Owners do it for purely cosmetic reasons and have attempted to validate their decision with completely false benefits.

    • Jade

      Bullshit, it is purely cosmetic unless you use your dog for fighting? If you were educated you wouldn’t believe a cropped ear would extend an animals life span!

    • Shawn

      You people that dont like this need to go else where, your comments arent gonna change nothing, the only thing you get out of this is pissing your own selves off, some people dont like it some people do, it is what it is i have gotten my DOBERMANS ears done…so if you feel the need to piss your self off, please reply with what ever you want

    • Ben

      Please check your spelling.

  • Delano Temple

    can anyone refer me to someone who who could crop my 16 week old puppy ears, I’m in the Long Beach area.

  • Renee

    I just had my bully puppy’s ears done 3 days ago and he is fine not in any pain he went straight to playing as soon as he got home. And he looks great. It is cartlidge they remove trust me he is not in any pain what so ever. And we keep them clean 3 times a day.

    • Tremayne Santiago

      Pretty much how my bully girl reacted, I have to protect her from her. Her ears are the last thing she is worried about.

  • Nicky

    How do I clean his ears? My pup had his ears cropped today by an individual and I didn’t get any instructions on aftercare. Yes I know I should’ve taken him to a vet instead, I was naive listening to some idiots recommendations. He is shaking his head a lot too like they are bothering him 😢

    • Clean with peroxide 3 times daily. Also use a small amount of neosporin once daily.

      • Bailey McCurtain

        That’s terrible advice @bully_max:disqus
        Peroxide kills new healthy cells, delaying the healing. Peroxide should only be used as the initial cleaning product.

    • Lovemysumo

      Has he stopped shaking his head?

  • brunobully

    what are the drops they give you to put on the ear ?? anyone know what that liquid is

    • George Peterson

      Neosporin with pain relief works fine. Other than that, make sure to clean them daily with peroxide and remove any scabs that begin to form.

  • Arasley Placencia

    I just got my bully pup ears cropped. He keeps shaking his head and causing him to bleed more. How can I help him?

    • Lil bit

      Take him back to vet. May have blood disorder

    • George Peterson

      This is normal. However, it is a sign of pain. Your vet should have gave you medication for the pain for at least the first 3 days. If not, I would contact them and see if they can provide you with some.

  • Julius

    I live in Philadelphia pa and im looking for a vet does anybody know of one ?????

  • eric c mccants

    can anyone tell me where i can get my puppies ars cropped charlotte SC area

    • Mrs. Sunshine

      You must mean Charleston SC or Charlotte NC. There is no Charlotte SC. However, there is a great vet in Greenwood, SC that is great with all animals and very knowledgeable with reasonable prices.

  • Octavio

    My Pittbul puppy is about 7 months old and I found a vet that crops ears but I want to know if anyone has gone there the vet is call avacado hospital it’s located in fallbrook ca

  • Hello

    I have a doberman thats 5 months old, does anuone know if its too la
    te to crop his ears ?

    • George Peterson

      It just depends of the Vet. Some vets won’t crop past a certain age, others will crop at any age. Also, you may hear people say the “ears won’t stand if you crop them too late”. This is a myth. I’ve seen dogs get their ears cropped at 3 years old and they stood fine. It’s just a bit more painful for older dogs, so the earlier the better. 7 weeks is the ideal age.

  • ELMO

    All of Elmo’s Dogo’s get the Crop. My babies hunt miss Piggy dressed in the finest Pig Armor.

  • Emma

    Love my baby’s crop. Dr. Velasco in Orange Park, Fl. Has done an amazing job! She shakes her head and has tried to itch at them but ultimately keeping her busy with pig ears and chew toys and light play time has been the best option. Keeping the ointment the doc gave on her twice a day and making sure she doesn’t get dirt and stuff in them. Basically supervising her like a small baby lol can’t wait to see how they heal entirely!

    • Chucc Gibson

      Yes I’m getting mines done 27th

  • Karen D. Pauly-Gugliuzza

    That’s horrifying that humans still want to crop dog’s ears!!!! What a selfish, disgusting human being you are to do that. And “Battle crop”????? Do you plan on dog fighting?????? This is absolutely appalling. You should not own a dog or be around any dogs. You are an evil monster!!

    • Patrick Hess

      Ever hear of a working dog. Battle crop is just a term. Does not mean they’re fight. A dog that is involved in hog hunting for example may have a battle crop for safety purposes. Good lord you are uninformed and just cast your judgment on people before you even know the story. Get a life woman…..

  • Edyta

    Any recommendations on what kind of style I should crop my puppy ears?


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